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Welcome to Villas Now

We are proud to offer some of the finest villas in and around Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Hello and welcome to our web site. Villas Now is dedicated to show casing and providing the very best accommodation in Lanzarote. This is a small family business and we pride ourselves on having some of the very best privately owned villas available on the Island.

In 1987 the World Tourism Organisation declared Lanzarote one of the six universal models of sustainable development and in 1994 it was declared a reserve of the Biosphere by UNESCO.

The Canary Islands (7 Larger Islands and a few smaller ones) were already well known by the Greeks and Romans in olden times.  They called the chain, "The Happy Isles" or "Garden of the Hesperides" or "Atlantida".  In later years, before they came to be known as the Canary Islands, they were often called "The Fortunate Isles".  The seven individual major Island are called Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, La Palma, Gomera, Hierro & of course Lanzarote.

Geographically the islands are part of the African continent (located southwest of Spain and northwest of Africa, directly in front of the coast of Morocco) but from a historical, economical, political and socio-cultural point of view, the Canaries are completely European.  The canarian airports are about a four to five hours flight time from the main European capitals.

The landscape of each island is radically different from the others, Lanzarote, perhaps the most unusual of the Canary islands, lies approximately 60 miles (100KM) from the coast of Africa and 680 miles (1100KM) southwest of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal).  It’s position ensures year round high temperatures, more days of sunshine and fewer days of rain than the other islands.  Summer temperatures can be hot, through the island is always tempered by cooling sea breezes - ideal for sunbathing and sport during the day and comfortable in the evenings for relaxing over a leisurely meal or drink at one of the many bars and restaurants.

The most easterly of the main islands, Lanzarote is famous for its dramatic lunar landscape, the result of the eruptions of over 300 volcanoes in centuries past.  It still has active craters today on Montanas Del Fuego and in fact there is a place here where you can have your steak grilled over a volcanic crater (at restaurants in the Timanfaya National Park).  The last great volcanic out-break here was, by the way, from 1730 - 1736, where large parts of the island were destroyed and formed.  in 1812 some smaller craters broke out again.

There is plenty to see and do here on this great island.  There are many fabulous beaches, all kinds of water sports, nightlife of every sort, shopping, excellent dinning and camel rides.  If you need a spell of greenery and humidity on the north west coast is the mountainous region is the Guinate Bird Park with spectacular assortment of over 1300 rare birds and wildlife species, waterfall, lagoons and gardens.  Views of volcanic mountains, picon covered fields and rocky coastlines are broken up by a large number of beautiful golden sandy beaches and an amazing amount of well-tended greenery and agriculture.

The warm clear waters of the atlantic sea never fall below 65F even in winter and are ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing.  The constant sea breeze also make Lanzarote one of the best places in the world for wind surfing and the island frequently hosts international competitions.  On land there are excellent facilities for various other sports including tennis, go-karting, horse riding and golf.

If you are interested in exploring the island there is plenty to see, from the extraordinary lava fields of Timanfaya with the Fire Mountain Camel Trek, to the tranquil underground cave lake at Jameous Del Aqua.  The cliff top views of the tiny island of La Graciosa from Mirador Del Rio are as spectacular as the long unspoilt beaches of Papagayo in the south which are magnificent.  An insight into the islands history and culture can be gained by visiting Teguise, the original island capital and some of the tiny country villages where life has hardly changed despite the influx of tourism like Haria in the fertile valley of a thousand Palms.  You may be lucky enough to visit during Carnival week or one of the many fiestas that take place in the different parts of the island throughout the year.

The resorts of this small island have been tastefully developed and modelled on the neat, white low-level houses of the local villages thus retaining the essential charm and character of this exotic and unusual island.  The village of Playa Blanca, on the southern coast, is becoming increasingly popular.

If you are at all adventurous, be sure to take the Camel ride at Timanfaya or if you'd rather view the rich sea life without getting wet there are plenty of glass bottom boats and even a "Yellow" submarine ride that will let you do it.

You can either have a laid-back relaxing vacation or one that is filled with activity and excitement - either way we're sure it'll be a holiday to remember and cherish.


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